Brisbane Basketball announces major prize raffle

With over 3,000 members and more than 400 teams ranging from Under 9s to Veterans, Brisbane Basketball is one of the largest basketball associations in Queensland. It takes the support of our wonderful community for Brisbane Basketball to operate, and we are proud of the partnerships we have built with local sponsors. To assist the association’s development, we are pleased to announce a raffle for our members and supporters.

The raffle will be headlined by two major prizes, a heavenly new mattress from Beds R Us Macgregor (Miracoil Chapel RRP of $1999) and an impressive Vuly Slam Pro Portable Basketball Hoop (valued at $1,099!) Tickets for the raffle are $2.00 per entry, or 3 for $5.00, 6 for $10.00 or 10 for $15.00. Purchase your tickets online at BBI RaffleTickets or in person at the stadium. Entries to the raffle will be available until the end of August, with the winners drawn shortly after.

Two fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Beds R Us has been serving Australians for more than 25 years, helping people in our communities achieve the best rest possible by understanding their needs. The Beds R Us team takes great pride in selecting a wide range of the finest quality Australian made products – and personally guides each customer to the most supportive, comfortable and restful mattress. Winners of this dreamy prize will receive one Sleepmaker Miracoil Chapel Advance 5 Mattress valued at $1,999. The prize is sure to guarantee a peaceful night’s sleep!

Vuly Play is Australia’s most trusted industry leader in outdoor play equipment. Their all-new Vuly Slam Pro Portable Basketball Hoop offers Aussie families an innovative design and unmatched building quality. The Slam Pro Basketball Hoop has the only fully steel backboard available in Australia – making it stronger and more durable than competitor models made from acrylic or glass. Vuly’s Basketball Hoop is fully adjustable from a ring height of 2.25m (up to NBA standards,) and uses an innovative gas-powered strut enabling easy and seamless adjustments. The Basketball Hoop is portable with retracting wheels, while its one-piece chassis makes it more robust and stable than any other system. Valued at $1,099 – the Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop is must-own basketball equipment for all serious players and enthusiasts alike!

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Good luck to all entrants and thank you to our sponsors for your kind support.


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