Vuly Hoops

Vuly Play is Australia’s most trusted industry leader in outdoor play equipment. Their all-new Vuly Slam Pro Portable Basketball Hoop offers Aussie families an innovative design and unmatched building quality. The Slam Pro Basketball Hoop has the only fully steel backboard available in Australia – making it stronger and more durable than competitor models made from acrylic or glass. Vuly’s Basketball Hoop is fully adjustable from a ring height of 2.25m (up to NBA standards,) and uses an innovative gas-powered strut enabling easy and seamless adjustments. The Basketball Hoop is portable with retracting wheels, while its one-piece chassis makes it more robust and stable than any other system. Valued at $1,099 – the Vuly Slam Pro Basketball Hoop is must-own basketball equipment for all serious players and enthusiasts alike!

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