In 1985 Brisbane Basketball entered both Men and Women’s teams in the inaugural State Basketball League. Previously called the Brisbane Brewers (Men) and Brisbane Blazers (Women), the Brisbane Capitals were officially named before the 2001 season to reflect the leadership the organisation represented in the sport across Queensland. Currently, both teams compete in the Queensland Basketball League. Our teams have seen much success during that time, winning the League on nine occasions (Men – 1, Women – 8).

Our representative teams lead the way across all junior and senior age groups. Currently, 28 teams (14 male & 14 female) represent BBI each year and consistently rank in the top 3 associations in Queensland for overall performance. We have produced a litany of Queensland and Australian Rep players, including: Bronwyn Marshall, Ben Castle, Alison O’Dwyer, Georgia Woodyard, Megan Greene (nee Michael), Brock Motum, Matthew Hodgson, Mitchell McCarron, and Cameron Bairstow as well as many of the state’s top coaches, which include Vince Hickey, Robert Young, and Pam Hamilton-Smith.


The beacon of leadership, innovation, growth, inclusion, and performance in Queensland community sport.


To Develop and Grow ALL players, staff and stakeholders of the Capitals in a competitive representative team competition environment.


Create an environment where High Character people are inevitable.


To provide junior to senior elite representative players, coaches and managers the opportunity to compete at the highest level of competitive competition in Queensland and a pathway for those who aspire to represent their State and Country.


Brisbane Capital share common values that emphasis Character, putting the Team First, Never Give Up, and Next Play. When we face challenges, a Capital representative doesn’t hide from this or complain to others to change their circumstance. They internalize the before mentioned values to achieve a bright outcome that is the benchmark of the state.

Whether we like it or not, we have a responsibility to each other, our members and our state to lead in the areas that translate to Growth, and a byproduct of which are the achievements and artifacts we leave behind.

  • Character – one that is thankful, humble and serving in our local community
  • Team First – eager to sacrifice for the team/celebrate team mates achievements/unity, nothing comes between our team
  • Never Give Up – effort in performance and building relationships
  • Next Play – continual improvement/focus in the moment/deals with adversity constructively



  • Athlete Centered
    • Character is developed as a priority not as a byproduct
    • Needs are supported
    • Long term learning and development focused – Striving to Win
    • Focused on being the best you can be with all that you’ve got
  • Coach & Manager Facilitated
    • Continual Improvement
    • Valued, Recognised and Rewarded
    • Teach and Correct focus
  • Leadership Supported
    • Services: Provided including Training and Compliance, Communication,
    • Policy: Based on identified best principles, academic literature and applied practice of identified community and performance organisational leaders
    • Admin: Timely, Systemised and automated
    • Resources: Provision of, and access to, based on stage of development